Leighton Meester looks amazing in ‘That’s my Boy’!

Leighton Meester seriously was the best part of this movie…

Let me start out by saying that I did not pick the movie…it was funny…I laughed…but it was kind of dumb. Come on, it’s an Adam Sandler movie…but I did laugh. It was pretty crude and it is usually one that I would have just rented. However, Leighton was it’s saving grace!

Her outfits in the movie were to die for and I do not think that she has ever looked better (and you all know how much I love her on Gossip Girl!) She is in the best shape ever and I would have killed to have any of the outfits she wore on the show! Here are just a couple that I could find photos of 🙂 Enjoy! P.S. Love her with bangs! I can’t say that about everyone!

I’m pretty sure that this is a Vera Wang dress, but don’t quote me on that! I could not find it anywhere and I can’t remember if she said it in the movie or not! But I think it is gorgeous and rivals her Gossip Girl dress from this season. Anyone else agree? You kind of have to see it moving and in the movie to really see it, but I would DIE for this dress!

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