Like Crazy

I finally watched this movie the other night. It was so cute. Well it’s one of those movies that you love, but you kind of hate, because I’m not going to lie it was a little bit depressing. I still loved it.
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Anna and Jacob meet at college in L.A. and fall in love, but Anna is British and has to go home when her Visa expires. She stays the summer rather than return home to spend more time with Jacob. Eventually she goes home for a visit and is not allowed to return to the US due to her Visa violation. Over the next few years, they have to fight immigration and hardships to make their relationship work.

It’s back and forth and so realistic. I think that’s why I liked it so much. It felt very honest. It might sounds boring in that discription, but I promise it’s really good. That’s just the back story. The main point is deciding whether or not their relationship is worth fighting for.
photo 2photo 1I also think that Felicity Jones is gorgeous! She has this natural beauty that is just stunning.LC-like-crazy-30622387-950-661

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