Longest Day Ever

So today, I took the day off because I had to look for a new apartment.
Actually my mom and I started off my getting our eyelashes done, which was fun. And yes, my mom came up to Utah early to help me pack and find an apartment. My family was planning on coming up this Wednesday, but she came up early since I was so stressed out!
Anyway, then most of the day we looked at a bunch of different apartments. You would think that maybe this would be fun and interesting. NO. It’s a pain. It is stressful. And sooo tiring.
Basically I felt like I walked around disneyland all day without the fun parts. So…maybe it wasn’t like walking around disneyland at all, except that I got lunch and dinner, and my feet and body were exhausted.
I’m going to have to spend way too much money, it’s going to take a semi truck to move me, and I feel like I’m ruining my family’s vacation 🙁
Let’s just say my mother is a saint.
Thanks mom for putting up with me all day!

And anyone who is reading this, please cross your fingers that I live through this move! (There is a reason I haven’t moved in two and a half years…and you would not believe the amount of stuff that I have accumulated…I’m embarrassed.)

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