Looks to Keep for 2012

Sometimes it feels like trends change so fast and you are left with a closet full of styles that you can’t wear anymore. Worst feeling ever! I usually invest in classics because of this, but sometimes it is just so fun to buy new trends and styles! Finding a way to wear these trends into the next season can be a challenge, but that’s what makes fashion great! According to People StyleWatch Magazine, here are some of the trends that are continuing on from last year/season into 2012. So get excited to remix your wardrobe, find new outfit pairings, or shop for an updated version! My closet thanks you! 

Chunky Wedges

Rachel Bilson wears a closed-toed version and Vanessa Hudgens wears a sandal version of this look!

Girlie Dresses

Alexa Chung wears a cute style and Taylor Swift is the queen of girlie dresses! Perfect for spring and summer!

Navajo-Inspired Prints

I love this style! Nicky Hilton rocks a Tory Burch top in this global print.

Pleated Skirts

Dianna Agron and Taylor Swift show us two different versions of this trend.


Thank goodness for this one, because I’m pretty sure half of my wardrobe is striped! Shown below are Whitney Port in one of her own (Whitney Eve) skirts, and Kristin Cavallari in a striped dress.

Denim Dresses

Structured Bags

Victoria Beckham is known for her sky high heels and structured bags. Also shown below is Miranda Kerr out and about with a structured bag in a pop of color.


Rose Bryne and Kate Bosworth shown in two different styled lace tops.

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