March into April Photoaday

Day 26 – Monday March 26 – Key
(from Anthro…it’s a bottle opener too)

Day 27 – Tuesday March 27 – Your Name
My name and nicknames from friends, wishing me happy birthday! Thanks everyone!

Day 28 – Wednesday March 28 – Trash
yeah I didn’t care to take a picture of my trash…and couldn’t think of anything clever instead.
Day 29 – Thursday March 29 – Feet
Watching Top Model

Day 30 – Friday March 30 – Toy
Day 31 – Saturday March 31 – Where you relax
I didn’t do the last two days because I wasn’t really around and was kinda busy 🙁 sorry!

So here is April’s Photoaday. Last month’s had a lot of kinda weird/boring ones, but this one looks better so we’ll try it for at least one more month 🙂 Gives me something to do everyday.

Day 1 – Sunday April 1 – Your Reflection
(in my fav new anorak from Anthro)

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