March Photoaday – Week Three

Day 12 – Monday March 12 – Fork
my new forks 🙂

Day 13 – Tuesday March 13 – Sign
Should I take it as a “sign” that I tend to get advice from my fortune cookies instead of actual fortunes?

Day 14 – Wednesday March 14 – Clouds
Gloomy 🙁

Day 15 – Thursday March 15 – Car
On the left we have the dirtiest car known to man (mine) and on the right we have the car I have been lusting after because I drive past it everyday in the parking lot next to mine at work.

Day 16 – Friday March 16 – Sunglasses
Ready for summer.

Day 17 – Saturday March 17 – Green
I’m not sure why we own shoes this color…

I did two for this one…Green for St.Patrick’ s Day!

Day 18 – Sunday March 18 – A Corner of your home

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