March Photoaday – Week Two

Day 5 – Monday March 5 – A Smile
love these little smiles

Day 6 – Tuesday March 6 – 5 P.M.
Grumpy and tired from apartment hunting all day, plus is was super windy..ugh

Day 7 – Wednesday March 7 – Something you wore

Day 8 – Thursday March 8 – Window
One of my favorite windows at my Grandma’s. When I was little I would sit here and read books all the time.

Day 10 – Friday March 10 – Red
Loved my red dress for the Flagship Christmas Party in Vegas, and all the red decorations

Day 11 – Saturday March 11 – Loud
Snowmobiling with my fam…they are LOUD

Day 12 – Sunday March 12 – Someone you talked to today
My family! who was in town, Yay! not just on the phone.

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