Me from A to Z

I saw this on another blog and wanted to do it on mine because it seemed fun!

Jake and I

{A} Age – 25, except I don’t really feel like it…
{B} Bed – Currently Queen size; I am in the process of searching for a cute bed frame and a comforter. The one I was going to buy sold out, and if you know me, I have been trying to decide on one for about two years. I just need to get one.
{C} Chores you hate – ummm taking out the trash. I make Jake do it when he comes over now. Other than that I kind of like to clean because I have OCD moments where I just like to do it sometimes.
{D} Dogs – Wish I had one. I have mine at home in California, but I want one here so bad! One day. Or a miniature pig…I LOVE THOSE!

{E} Essential start to your day – hot water. It wakes me up. Actually I listen to the Morning Zoo on the way to work too and it makes me laugh.
{F} Favorite color – Green.
{G} Gold or silver – Gold. Hands down.
{H} Height – 5’3 and a half. But I have been in the habit of wearing heels lately, so a lot of people have thought I’m taller 🙂 I LOVE heels.

{I} Instruments you play – Used to play the piano and the flute, but now that I don’t have them here I probably am not very good anymore.
{J} Job Title – Loan Processor at Flagship Financial, but I’ve been applying to nursing schools and finishing all my pre-reqs.
{K} Kids – None…but Kale (Jake’s little boy) is around so he plays with me a lot until I have some 🙂

{L} Live – in Provo, Utah
{M} Mother’s name – Rosemary
{N} Nickname – KD…I used to have a lot more, but now people mostly just call me that.
{O} Overnight hospital stays – I’ve never had to stay overnight. I would have had to when I was living in Hawaii, but my mom wouldn’t let me stay there, because it was too ghetto so she took me to the hotel and took care of me instead for a week.
{P} Pet Peeves – People who look like they should be on Jersey Shore, or think it would be cool to be on Jersey Shore, Moms who drop pacifiers on the floor then lick them off and stick them back in the babys mouth (like its clean now?), when moms put their kids on leashes, nail biting (which I do and I’m trying to stop!), spitting…I have more.
{Q} Quote from a film – That’s hard, I could say anything from Mean Girls, Wedding Crashers, or any movie with Vince Vaughan in it, But I love this quote from Breakfast at Tiffanys –
“You mustn’t give your heart to a wild thing. The more you do, the stronger they get, until they’re strong enough to run into the woods, or fly into a tree. And then to a higher tree, and then to the sky” – Holly Golightly

{R} Right or left handed – Right
{S} Siblings – I’m the oldest of three and the only girl. Adam (22) Taylor(16)

{T} Time you wake up – Around 7:30 or 8, which no matter how many days in a row I wake up at that time, I still can’t get used to it. I still think it’s early. I’m a night person.
{U} Underwear- Hmmm personal are we? Depends…During the day or with jeans or something I probably wear a lacey thong from V Sec or Gap Body, but I sleep in boy shorts and wear those when I’m being comfy.
{V} Vegetable you hate- I actually like veggies. I even like brussels sprouts. Im sure there is something I don’t like, but I can’t really think of anything at the moment.
{W} What makes you run late – Usually trying to finish my hair because Jake is getting mad at me because I want to curl it, but mostly trying to decide what to wear. I always have good ideas of what I want, but them I try it on and I hate it. Then I just want to go shopping.
{X} X-rays you’ve had- my wrist, I broke it when I feel off a bunk bed two days before third grade started.
{Y} Yummy food you make- Ah I’ve been trying to learn to cook more, but I think my artichoke dip is pretty freaking good…and my cheesecake.
{Z} Zoo animal – Tigers, Giraffes, and Pengiuns…I always wanted a pet penguin because I figured if they lived at the zoo in a hot place they could live at my house. Plus the babies are so cute!

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