Moab Jeep Safari Weekend

The past two years we have gone down to Moab for the Jeep Safari weekend. This year was by far better than last year seeing as this year it was so warm and nice, and last year it was pouring rain half the time. Last year was fun, but this year we did a few different activities.

Our first night we got in and set up camp. Chad cooked the best dinner ever. It was chicken and dumplings, but it was like a homemade pot pie or something. I could not stop eating it. So yummy! We had a big bonfire and an early night so we could get up in the morning and do our hike.

Day two: We got up pretty early and made breakfast so we could do the hike. Chad knows a bunch of fun hikes and took us out to some narrows to repel down. It was way fun! I haven’t ever repelled down anything that high before. I was kind of nervous at first, but as soon as I started I totally loved it! Then we hiked through the narrows and up out of the canyon. We also stopped by a ghost town on the way back. It was pretty cool. The little houses were so tiny, but then they had a school house and etc. It’s so interesting to see stuff like that.

Of course afterwards we had to stop by Potato Salad to watch the jeepers. Best people watching ever. People with no teeth, drunks, and the most white trash cars you’ve ever seen. So great 🙂 (Check out the pix below for some of my favs). We went back to the motor home later and rested, played games, then got ready and went out to dinner. We had another bonfire and went to bed pretty early again. Moab takes it out of you!

Hiking to the narrows.

Part of the remains at the ghost town.

Potato Salad.

Burk and I in our Indian Sweaters: Indian lovers.

Day three: On our last day we went and saw some petroglyphs and then climbed up this weird thing in the rock. I couldn’t get to the top because I kinda freaked out and felt too claustrophobic. Most of the time things like that don’t bug me, but for some reason it did this time. Everyone else made it though.

Then we did about 3 hours of jeeping up Camel’s Back. So fun, but so scary. We were like seriously next to hundred foot cliffs and I thought we were going to go over. I had to grip the seat and close my eyes. If I was going to die, I just wasn’t going to look. Ha. Like that would make me feel better.

Everyone up at the top of the wall they climbed


Such a great weekend. I love the sun! I love great friends! And I love vacations!

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