My 26th

(some birthday cards I received in the mail)
Today is my 26th birthday.
Let’s be honest, when you get older, birthdays just aren’t as much fun.
I went to work, stayed late, went home, fell asleep watching law and order: svu (that’s routine)…woke up, watched some more svu while blogging (don’t worry, I have at least ten to twenty episodes dvr’d at all times), will probably go indulge myself with a bubble bath at least, and then read until I fall asleep.
I’m only 26…when did I get so boring?
However, when talking to a friend today, we’ve come to the conclusion…sometimes it’s just so much easier to be older. Being young is hard. You have to try way too hard! haha. I still have fun ok! I just like being simple sometimes 🙂

But I did have a very nice day. I had sooo many friends call, text, or send me facebook messages. Even a simple happy birthday on facebook means a lot. It just means that they decided it was worth it to take the time to write a little note, and that’s nice. My friend, Myleka, went and got me lunch since I couldn’t take a break, and Annie and Christie brought me this fantastic cupcake from Dippidee. Brian bought me some Reese’s :). So I’m glad I have good friends at work that made my day better.
Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes and little things that you did for me! Can’t wait to see what this year brings me!

And yes, I did skip the gym…:)

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