My Big 29th Birthday Giveaway!

Happy Birthday to me!

Ok, yes I realize that that sounds soooo self-absorbed, but sometimes I think it’s good to take a little time for yourself. I’m sooo busy lately, so I decided that for my 29th birthday I wanted to celebrate a little bit. I asked two of my favorite people to help me change up my look so I could spice up the blog a little bit (Emmy Lowe Photo and Vivian Makeup Artist). I got some really beautiful outfits, like this gorgeous gown made by Bree Wilkins of Bree Lena. And I put together an awesome giveaway with some of my favorite bloggers to celebrate you guys, my readers! So thank you for helping me celebrate the last year in my 20s! I hope it’s a good one!

This is the one you’ve been waiting for. The big one. No…not the big 3-0…just the big birthday giveaway! Valued at over $800 you definitely want to enter this one! I wanted to thank all of you for following me over the last few years and giving me something to look forward to! Blogging is my passion and hobbie. It’s a way for me to be creative and have a break from my day job. So I’m so grateful to all of you for reading and supporting me! Scroll below to enter and good luck! There are 8 prizes with 8 winners, so may the odds be ever in your favor!
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Dress – BreeLena

Photos: Emmy Lowe Photo

Hair and Makeup: Vivian Makeup Artist

Big Birthday Giveaway! 

Hi friends! Today I am so excited to share this awesome giveaway with you! For my 29th birthday I decided that I wanted to do something fun since it’s my last year in my 20s. So why not give you guys a bunch of free stuff! There’s not just one prize up for grabs today, but EIGHT amazing prizes (or shall I say birthday gifts) from me to you! I’ve teamed up with some of my favorite companies and favorite bloggers to share this with all of you! Thank you for making blogging worthwhile for me and following! I love you all!

There will be 8 different winners. One for each gift. The giveaway will run from today (March 27th) until midnight of next Friday, April 3. I will announce winners the following Monday. You must be a U.S. resident. Just complete the easy steps in the rafflecopter below and remember, the more steps you complete, the more opportunities you have to win!

Now for a list of the prizes!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Metropolitote from What’s Hot BoutiqueMetropolitan Straw Tote

$150 Anthropologie GiftcardAnthropologie

$100 Tai Pan Trading GiftcardIMG_2454

$100 Bella Ella Boutique Giftcardbellaella

$75 Giftcard to Candy Strand Swimwear

These suits are reversible, adjustable, and can be worn multiple ways! Loving their fun prints!!!

Candy Strand Swimwear

Item of Choice from Pink Blush

No restrictions! Pick any item from Pink Blush or Pink Blush Maternity!


$50 Giftcard to Aro & CoAro&Co

$50 Giftcard to Beverly’s Swimwear

Vintage inspired customizable swimsuits that give you the perfect fit!bevswim

Host: Wild One ForeverWild One Forever - LaceSquare

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Rad giveaway, and happy birthday! Also celebrating my 29th this spring 🙂 Planning to spend the weekend in Prague, go out to a restaurant I’ve been wanting to try for awhile, and perhaps, find something fun going on and get into some mischief. I would be down to win any one of these prizes, but especially the swimwear or clothing ones.

  2. happy birthday! i would love to spend my birthday at the casino this year. i most want to win the cute tote but i love all the prizes!

  3. I just celebrated my birthday earlier this month by shopping (naturally) and dinner & drinks with my Husband.

    I’m really excited about the Tai Pan Trading Gift Card – they have the most adorable, unique things on there, love it.

  4. i want to win anthropologie gift card. I plan to have an outside party for my 30th birthday this year in May. My theme is woodland so I’m making/collecting stuff, trying to make it not too childish.

  5. I want to celebrate my birthday with friends! Not sure exactly what I want to do yet!

    I would love the Anthropology gift card!

  6. Happy Birthday! You look amazing in that dress 🙂 I will be 50 this September. I hope to celebrate with all the people I love, who love me. I would love to win any of the prizes…but especially one of the gift cards. Thank you for this awesome giveaway! (You’re going to love your thirties when you get there…they are the BEST) 😉

  7. I’m going to be turning 30 in October… and I really have no idea how I’m going to celebrate. Although I’m sure it’s going to be very low key haha. I’d love to win that Anthropologie gift card!

  8. It’s my big 3-0 this year. I don’t have any plans set in stone yet but I’m planning on doing something fabulous! Anthro gift card!

  9. I’ll be turning 28 this upcoming October so I’ve got some time until my birthday. Whatever I do, I just want to go have a blast with my girlfriends. And brunch should be involved. Definitely brunch 🙂 I’m obsessed with Anthro so I’d love that giftcard! Second choice would be bella ella!

    1. Oh! Is it bad that I want my husband to throw me a surprise party for my birthday this year?? And if I won the anthropolgie gift card, I could FINALLY afford the dress I’ve been eyeing for a long time!

  10. Happy Birthday kristin! On my birthday i would surely like to on a romantic dinner date with my husband. I usually get happy when everyone wishes me. I love the fact that my phone keeps ringing on my birthday. This is how i like to spend my birthday, get lots of wishes from friends and family. 🙂 🙂

  11. This year I want to celebrate my birthday by enjoying cake and ice cream with my family. I hope to win the Anthropology gift card.

  12. I celebrated my birthday this month and headed to anthropologie! I would love the anthro gift card or the tai pan one!

  13. First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! What a wonderful giveaway and thank you for all the amazing new people / brands to follow!!! I would be happy to win anything but my fav item from Shop Pink Blush is this dress:

    Commented everything with my current blog ( but realise this is linked to my old account so here’s my email in case I get lucky!!

  14. I would LOVE the anthropologie gift card, or either swimwear gift cards! And I’m turning 21, and I hope to go to Napa Valley

  15. I’m hoping to celebrate my birthday this year by going on a honeymoon on our first anniversary, which is actually on my birthday. We never got a real honeymoon because my son had just had surgery weeks before, so I’m hoping we will this year!

  16. I’m hoping to celebrate my birthday this year on a trip with my friends! And I’m hoping to win the $150 Giftcard to Anthropologie

  17. Happy Birthday! Thanks for having the giveaway. I’d like to spend my birthday with family & friends. I’d like to win the Bella Ella Boutique gift card.

  18. Happy bday!! I want to have a fun weekend trip with my husband and I’d love to win any of these!!

  19. I recently celebrated my birthday with a quiet dinner out with my husband and a grande margarita. I would like to win the Anthropologie gift card.

  20. Happy birthday hun!! I would love to just celebrate my birthday with like a staycation in Park City with the husband or something!! And I would love to win the Marc Jacobs tote or the Anthro gift card!! Amazing giveaway!!!!!!

  21. Im turning 29 too! my boyfriend and i usually go to osheaga music festival every year for my birthday but this year the lineup is pretty weak so i have no idea what to do! Im thinking somewhere with a beautiful beach hopefully. maybe that Anthropologie giftcard could help me get a birthday outfit!

  22. Next year, I am hoping to have been permanently settled in France.
    As for “regular” gifts, I am always for perfume and dresses 🙂
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I wish you to come one step closer to all your hopes and dreams this year, if not fulfill them xx


  23. My Birthday was on the 3rd of January but I am hoping my next birthday will be spent with a new member of the family. If things go the way they are supposed to this month! 😉

  24. already celebrated my bday this year with a surprise proposal from my now-fiance!:) hoping to win the anthropologie gc!

  25. Happy 29th birthday. I would love to celebrate my bd by taking a trip to Las Vegas. I am hoping to win the GC to Anthropologie.

  26. Yay for March birthdays!! Just celebrated mined last week with girlfriends, wine, and lots of sweets! Would love to win the Anthro card to keep the celebration going 🙂 xx

  27. I tried to comment this yesterday or the day before but it just wouldn’t go thru. I think my laptop is virused 🙁 anyway —-this is the comment that I was going to leave.

    Happy Birthday Kristin!!! Enjoy 29 because I turned 30 last April and I turn 31 on April 12th in a few weeks….30 was really, really hard for me. And 31 is even harder because I feel like I am old as dirt now and it’s all down hill from here. I”m dreading 40 lol….I’m going to make the next 9 years the best lol….Anyway idk if 30 will be as hard for you but it was for me!
    They say you’re only as young as you feel but unfortunately for women, we are only as young as we look lol. that’s how I feel anyway and that is what media has done to us…. I have unfortunately smoked for 15+ yrs and have years of sun damage because I grew up on a lake in the sun every day with no spf…. anyway happy bday! I entered and commented on Golden Swank’s blog but I wanted to just leave a comment here to say Happy bday to you!

  28. Happy Birthday! I feel like this is just like the party loot bags from our childhood but with really exciting stuff. I would love the anthropologie gift card and the marc jacobs bag.
    Celebrate your youth!

  29. I’m turning 40 next year as this year’s birthday has already passed. Kinda bummed about this…
    I’d really like to do something fun with the hubby. Maybe go to the theatre. 🙂

  30. Happy (belated) Birthday to you! I’d love to celebrate my 35th birthday by going to Vegas! I’ve never been! That tote is so gorgeous – I’m obsessed with Marc Jacobs!

  31. First off, happy birthday! I just found your blog today and have been reading it all day, can’t wait to read future posts! From your birthday give away, I am hoping for an Anthropologie or swim wear gift card. Thanks for this

  32. Happy Birthday gorgeous! I turned 30 last year but I didn’t have a birthday because I was prego with my now 7 month baby girl I am considering having 30 the sequel this year but we will see I just really want a celebratory dinner with my hubby leaving my 3 babies with grandma I love them but I also haven’t had me time in 100 years I love everything in this giveaway it’s all fabulous like I mentioned I have 3 kids and my son has autism so I can’t get beautiful things as much as i’d like so winning any of these beauties would be heaven! Thank you for this and again a huge happy birthday!!

  33. There’s a many beautiful things at pink blush I have a few i’d love but i’d pick promise! There rompers are pretty and there’s this great lavender lace dress and a chiffon as well

  34. I’m also turning 29, not til May 5th. I’d love a low-key might with my friends and my man. Surrounded by love and laughter.

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