My European Wax Center Experience!

No Shave November is OVER!!! So I’m going to tell you about the best place to get a painless…well practically painless…wax to get rid of all your unwanted hair! waxingforall

I’ve had waxes before a few times. I have a pretty high pain threshold, but every time I go I have to take advil beforehand and I’m dreading it. As I’m laying on the table, I’m sitting there sweating and panicky…even for eyebrows!

I got invited to try a wax at European Wax Center and I thought I would try it because a few girls from my office had been there before and had mentioned that they had a great experience. I arrived and the receptionist was so friendly and explained everything to me. Their prices are extremely reasonable and you can even purchase packages so you end up saving a ton of money over time as well! Below are just some of their options for women, but they have a bunch for men as well! Euro Wax’s moto is waxing for all! They believe everyone should feel gorgeous and fab, not just the privileged! I love this!

Eyebrows – $16; Nose – $10; Lips – $9; Underarms – $16; Arms – $28; Legs – $32; Bikini – $28; Brazilian – $42

Lisa, my wax specialist, took me back into the room and I was starting to get my usual nerves, but she was so nice and also explained everything to me! European Wax Center uses what they call a ‘comfort wax’ that is made in Paris from 100% natural beeswax, so it is way more gentle on skin that regular wax. The purple color comes from color dye they use so they can see it better.

I opted for underarms and a Brazilian….ahh the dreaded Brazilian! But it feels so much better to just feel clean and not have to worry about shaving doesn’t it? I have to tell you honestly, I have never had a better wax. I barely felt it. I’m not exaggerating. It is a hard wax and they don’t use the paper strips, but it looks like floppy jelly when they peel it off. Lisa put the wax on and when it was ready she just had me breath in and out and off it came. I almost didn’t realize it was done! Also…we all know it can be a little awkward to be naked from the waist down on a table with a stranger, but she was so cute and chatted with me the whole time and I didn’t even notice! Much better than an OBGYN visit! After the Brazilian the underarms took about 30 seconds and I was done. No sweating! No stinging! It’s like all my life problems were solved in about 15 minutes and I felt like I could cure world hunger. Well I wish, but it was a great experience and I would recommend them to anyone!

Another bonus! They offer a free wax of either eyebrows, underarm, or bikini line for women, and a brow, ear, or nose treatment for men on your first visit to the Center! So now you have no excuse to not try them out!

Make your reservation today @ or call
@ Draper: 801-727-8001 or Fort Union: 801-758-7050.
They have tons of locations elsewhere, so if you aren’t in Utah don’t worry! Find all 524 here!
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