Nautical Nails!

Hello Everyone! Nautical is so fun and cute to wear, but what about for your nails? I found this cute manicure on Lucky Magazine’s Beauty Page and decided to pass it along to everyone else! This looks tough, but it’s actually really easy, because we get to cheat a little bit. Read the instructions below and have fun with your summer nails!

1. Paint the base navy blue. We used American Apparel’s “Passport Blue” polish $6

2. Next, apply the white strips from the Sally Hansen’s French Manicure Kit $6.50

3. Using small scissors or cuticle nippers, clip the strips as close to the edge of your nail as possible.

4. Use a thin paint brush to create hearts on the nail wherever you want. Here we used Essie’s “Geranium” $7.50 to make ours.

*found at on their Beauty Department page.

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