New Years Resolutions

It has taken me a little while to get around to this post, but I did write down all my resolutions a while ago.
This year I have quite a few resolutions. I don’t necessarily expect to keep them all, but I want to make them to help me remember what I want to try and do throughout the year, what mindset to keep, and what goals I want to try and achieve. It’s kind of like my “25 list” that I made last year.
Some of them are sort of frivolous and physical, just kind of fun. Some of them are for my health, body and mind. Some of them are to better me and progress my future.

1. Be Positive.
2. Do my hair more often during the week. I’m so lazy.
3. Be on time…to work especially. I have a nasty little habit of waking up late…
4. Be more adventurous with my wardrobe. I feel like I’m very predictable and plain…so this year I think I will try and buy things that are different and fun. I will buy what I LOVE and not just things because I want to buy something.
5. Actually put money into my savings account. I finally started one. I guess it’s time to be an adult. 🙁 O, and budget. Yeah…then maybe I can pay for school and do some things and I really want to do 🙂
6. Workout regularly. I’m hoping to do it at least 4 times a week, but we’ll just cross our fingers on this one 🙂
7. Eat healthy.
8. Accessorize more. And wear earrings.
9. Try not to complain so much.
10. Keep my room de-cluttered. I mean keeping it clean, but also not so many things everywhere.
11. Write more personal blogs. I post a lot everyday, because my blog is a collection of things that I see that I like, or want to decorate with, or that inspire me, but I need to remember to write about my thoughts and my life too.
12. Start my journal again.
13. Be kind.
14. Get into Nursing School. I have had a few setbacks with this one…in terms of not getting into the classes that I needed, etc. So I am finally finishing the classes I needed and hopefully getting in this fall…cross your fingers.
15. Eat Breakfast.
16. Read More. Watch Less. Be Active. (I stole this from my friend Janell…and added the be active part.) Pretty simple. I always come home and turn on the tv after work. While I think I still will some days, I need to read the stack of books next ti my night stand because I LOVE reading. I’ve just been lazy. And keep my other resolution of working out. 🙂
17. Travel. That’s all.
18. Do my nails. I’ve been lazy with this too.
19. Participate in a Triathlon, Half-Marathon, 5-K, etc.
20. Cook more, and learn more recipes.

I just need to be really focused on what I want this year.
Happy 2012…Hope it’s a good one.

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