New York- Day 3

Saturday, March 26 2011

Last Saturday I was shopping my heart out in NYC and celebrating my birthday a day early…

This Saturday I’m broke in Provo 🙁

This photo was from Friday, but I accidentally left it out. I just had to post it though because I love it!

Shake Shack! Ahhh I’m in love. How am I going to live without this? See below for the best burger ever. The Shack Stack…with a fried portobello mushroom surrounded by some kind of melted cheese inside…. delightful. Calories galore! Don’t worry, I literally ate my heart out.

We went to Soho again and then over to our favorite Urban, but I can’t remember where it was (that is where this photo was taken). Then we went shopping over by Rockafeller Center and 5th Ave.

We took a little nap again and got ready to go out. Our first stop was Sushi Samba where we had the best sushi ever and the nicest waiter! So fun! I highly recommend going there if you’re in NY or Vegas.

Then we went out to Covet Lounge. It was a pretty cool atomosphere. We were there a little too early, but we were just so tired we couldn’t stay out til all hours of the night. I guess that’s a sign that you’re getting old. HA jk. So we just had fun dancing and taking pictures and then headed home and all passed out from exhaustion!

Don’t worry…it’s just redbull 😉

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