Not like the movies

Let’s face it…life is not like the movies.

The songs Not like the Movies by Katy Perry and If this was a Movie by Taylor Swift sort of sum it up. At one point or another we kind of all wish for that fairy tale ending…or for the guy to be standing outside your window begging for you to come back to him. But in reality, they’re going to let you get on the plane and leave. No one is going to come running down the terminal after you. No one is going to be standing outside with a boombox over his head.

That’s sort of why the movies the “The Break Up” and “The Last Kiss” sort of hit home more for me…or maybe why I guess I can relate more to music than I can to movies. They seem to get it “more right”. Now the song Last Kiss by Taylor Swift might have it right. You can plan for a change in the weather…but you probably didn’t plan on him changing his mind. I’m not trying to be all depressing and melodramtic, but it’s just true. We get so caught up in the romance of movies, but I just don’t feel like it happens in real life. Take it from the movie “He’s Just Not That Into You”…it’s the exception, not the rule. Real life goes a little like this…you date someone for three years, and then you fight over something so stupid (lemons maybe?), or the person just doesn’t change, or etc, and you break up and run into them on the street a couple of months later and say hi and thats it. Then at the end of that movie, you never find out what happens, because you probably hang out once or twice or go through a whole back and forth thing again and nothing ever happens. He doesn’t sweep her off her feet and then they get married…he doesn’t chase her down after she walks out of the apartment because he knows he’s going to lose the best thing that ever happened to him, and he definitely doesn’t do some crazy ariel jump across a building or what not to save her and tell her he loves her. Ok, he doesn’t even show up with flowers to take her to the prom when they’re 18 etc…

Besides, in the movies they never show the other girl who gets hurt when the “good” couple gets back together. What about her? Like in “Sweet Home Alabama”…what about her finance? I feel bad for him? He was in love with her…bought her an AMAZING Tiffany’s ring! and then just gets dropped…but you’re just supposed to be happy for the two that get back together. I love this movie, don’t get me wrong. I’m just in one of the moods and thinking about the other side.
Anyway, as Taylor Swift and Katy Perry alude to, hoping for the best is all we can do. I guess that’s one message they could be trying to get across. Or maybe just realizing what is reality. “If this was a movie, you’d be here by now…” Maybe Taylor means that we have to get over a childish dream and make our own life happen. He isn’t showing up, he isn’t going to come say sorry, or admit his mistake…so now she has a choice to make. Move on, or just keep waiting for something that probably won’t happen. And maybe when Katy says, “If it’s not like the movies, then that’s how it should be…”, she’s saying don’t settle. He’s probably not going to run to your rescue or do some huge grand gesture to tell you he loves you, but you should feel the same way that you would if he did. Besides, if you don’t have that amazing feeling, why are you with that person? Everyone deserves to be with someone that makes them the happiest person alive…to be with someone who will be there whenever you need them…and who would do anything for you…even if it’s just in small ways, and not the way that the movies portray it. I guess I don’t need someone to stop a plane for me. I just want someone to jump start my car when my battery dies…and hold me when I need a hug. I just want someone to stay. I don’t want someone to have to chase me if I walk out the door, because I don’t want a reason to walk out the door.
Anyway…those are my thoughts…

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