Olympic Nails!

This Olympics may have a new sport…nail art! If you haven’t noticed yet, the athletes seem to be spreading their countries patriotism with their team gear and their hands! Whether they are splashing in the water or spiking volleyballs, these athletes have been “nailing” their events! 

Allison Schmitt for Team USA Swimming

Another USA swimmer – Missy Franklin

Ruta Meilutyte for Lithuania shows all of her colors

Laura Ludwig “serves” up some colorful nails

Rebecca Addlington is yet another swimmer with a passion for nail art, (for Great Britain!)

Danish nails!

Luz Mercedes Acosta Valdez spruces up weight lifting with her fancy nails!

Great Britain brings more nails to volleyball.

Bronte Barratt shows up her medal and her nails.

*found at LuckyMagazine.com

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