Oscar’s 2012

Kelly Ripa
I almost put her on my best dressed, but I thought it was a tiny bit boring for the Oscar’s. She looks amazing though. She is my inspiration for getting in shape!

George Clooney and Stacey Kiebler
She looks perfect. So does he. It just wasn’t my favorite dress compared to some of the other ones.

Gwyneth Paltrow
So simple and classy. Just wish she did something else with her hair.

Jennifer Lopez
I actually thought she looked amazing, I just don’t like the cut outs on the arm.

Kate Mara
I think the dress is really pretty, but she looks a little bit washed out in the color.

Maya Rudolph
This dress is so flattering on her an I love the embellished sleeves.

Michelle Williams
I love the ruffles in the back. The color looked really good against her skin. I think her bag and the little bow are a little off though.

Mila Jovovich
I thought she looked great, but it looks almost too much like a bride or something.

Natalie Portman
Vintage…so cute. I just thought the polka dots were slightly strange for the Oscar’s. I also didn’t love the necklace.

Octavia Spencer
I keep thinking I should put her on best dressed, because she seriously looks so good, BUT I just didn’t love it as much as other dresses.

Penelope Cruz
She looks very glamourous and polished. Just something I don’t like about the way it wraps around her stomach.

Rose Byrne
I thought she looked fabulous.

Sandra Bullock
She looks great, I just thought it was a little bit loose on top. Such a cool idea.

Sarah Hyland
Very cute, but I’m not sure I love the “sleeves”.

Tina Fey
She looks great, but it’s just boring 🙁

Viola Davis
I love this color on her. Slightly promish, but I think she looks great.

Melissa McCarthy
I think she looks really good. I like this dress a lot.

Worst Dressed
Angelina Jolie
I think she looks washed out and the dress is too big for her or something. Also, she needed to stop sticking her leg out of the slit the whole time. Ugh. I hate her.

I do think Brad looks good though.

Anna Faris
I think this is just a whoopsie. I think it looks cheap also, and she doesn’t look polished or quirky, or anything…it’s just blah.

Jane Seymour
I think this just looks cheap and kind of tacky. I hate everything about it.

Berenice Bejo
I actually like the dress, but I HATE how tight her hair is pulled back. If you have such an etherial dress, you can’t do such a severe hairstyle. She also wore too many accessories with the dress.

Kelly Osbourne
Ohmigosh I hate everything about this. I am so sick of her stupid grey or whatever color her hair is. Like really? You are going to hate it when you start getting real gray hairs, so why would you die it that color when you’re young. Also I thought the dress looked stupid. I hate the shape and the styling.

I know a lot of people like this, but I thought it just looked sort of frumpy. I do love the color though. And her makeup was gorgeous.

Shailene Woodley
She doesn’t look horrible, but the dress makes it look like she is 50 or something. So boring for the Oscar’s.

Best Dressed
Rooney Mara
So, I hate her hair, but i LOVE her dress, so I overlooked the hair. And she finally isn’t wearing black! I love the shape and the train. She looks soooo much better than she usually does.

Kristen Wigg
I think this one might be my favorite. I love the style of it and I don’t think she has ever looked more beautiful.

Jessica Chastain
Ummm in love with the dress. Such a cool design. Also, I think her hair color is amazing. If I could pull off red I would totally do this.

Emma Stone
AMAZING. She is seriously the best. I LOVE the bow and I think it flows so great. So pretty.

Cameron Diaz
I HATE her makeup and hair, but I chose to ignore it also, because the dress is so fabulous. She looks so in shape (as always), but this dress fits her soooo perfectly. I can’t get over how much I love the bottom of the dress.

Guilana Rancic
I LOVE this dress. I love all the details. It fit her perfect. Amazing.

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