I have some more amazing facial products to share with you from OSEA Malibu today from The Grand America bathroom…because I secretly just want to stay there forever. Yes, I specifically mean their bathroom. It’s that good. Plus, when they came to turn down the room they brought the cutest little slippers and their robes are the best! And I’m rambling, so let me tell you about these three products!

First off, if you haven’t tried OSEA products you should. They are some of my favorites! They always leave my skin feeling so hydrated and soft. They are vegan, organic, and gluten-free! They produce products to enhance the skin’s natural health and beauty without using synthetic fragrances, genetically modified ingredients, petrochemicals, parabens, or sulfates. OSEA stands for Ocean, Sun, Earth, and Atmosphere. OSEA uses elements from the planet to heal the human body and don’t use anything to pollute it.

Here are the three newest products the I got to try out! I highly recommend the cleanser and the face creme! I use both of them everyday. I love how hydrating the face creme is.

Ocean Cleanser: Rich in minerals, algae, dermal proteins, vitamins, and mineral salts, this cleanser is ultra-hydrating and removes dirt and impurities from your face, leaving it refreshed and energized.

Atmosphere Protection Creme: A light-weight moisturizer that protects your face from dehydration and environmental damage.

Undaria Body Polish: a gentle and stimulating body polish that exfoliates the skin using Acai, Rice Powder, and Pumice.  Acai provides an anti-aging quality, white hemp and passion fruit seed oils provide essential fatty acids. Organic melissa, lemon grass, and Bulgarian lavender leaves your skin super soft!
Wild One Forever - OSEA Grand America 11Wild One Forever - OSEA Grand America 2Wild One Forever - OSEA Grand America 5Wild One Forever - OSEA Grand America 4Wild One Forever - OSEA Grand America 8Wild One Forever - OSEA Grand America 7Wild One Forever - OSEA Grand America 10Wild One Forever - OSEA Grand America 1Wild One Forever - OSEA Grand America 6Wild One Forever - OSEA Grand America 9Tee – Victoria’s Secret

Products from OSEA (see tags above about each one!)

Photos shot at The Grand American Hotel

Photos: Emmy Lowe Photo

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