Rainbow Bright – Nail Colors for Summer

As you can tell, I’m still clearly holding on to summer as long as I can, while others are moving onto fall already. I love fall clothes, but I live in Utah…I will have enough time for boots, coats, and scarves well into next April and May…so warm weather, please stay with me as long as you can! 

A lot of beauty salons will put their limited summer colors on sale, so I would double check for that going into the fall season, but I still think you have a couple more weeks to get these colors in while it’s warm! Plus you can always save them for next spring! 

Maybe I’ll switch my tune and get on the fall kick in September…yes I know it’s coming up…I’m waiting until at least after labor day 🙂

1. NCLA ‘All Eyes on Me’ – $16

2. NARS Nail Polish in ‘Kutki’ – $18

3. MAC Beth Ditto Nail Lacquer in ‘Near Beth Experience – $15

4. Dolce & Gabbana Intence Nail Lacquer in ‘Mint’ – $20

5. Essie ‘E-nuf is E-nuf’ – $8.00

6. O.P.I. ‘Lucky, Lucky Lavender’ – $8.50

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