Reminder of my Resolutions

2011…Trying to keep on Track
It’s the last day of January, so I thought I would just remind myself of the resolutions I set this year.
– I will save money
– I will try and pay off some debt 🙂
– I will travel more (I know this seems counter productive to the top two, but that’s why I’m trying to save money.
– I will be more patient.
– I will try to exercise more regularly and stay in shape.
– I will drink more water.
– I will try to buy less, but when I do I will make sure I buy things that I love.
– I will get better sleep. 8 hours a night.
– I will be on time to work.
– I will make an effort to be more presentable at work.
– I will think about things before I say it.
– I will enjoy life and stress less.
– I will do more things for me.
– I will be grateful for the things that I have.

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