rewarded myself

Today I took the first test that I have taken since I graduated from BYU, which was about two and a half years ago.
I am back in school, for those of you who don’t know. I am taking a few pre-req classes for nursing. Apparently taking “pre-med” at BYU does not prepare you for nursing school. So…I have my application almost ready and am finishing up some classes. I can get accepted on a conditional basis, provided that I pass the classes that I need. (So cross your fingers for me!)
Anyway, I am in Chemistry again. My arch-nemesis from undergrad. Ugh. Anyway, this class is way easy, because I’m just taking it online at SLCC. (well I hope it’s easy….so far it seems to be). But I am back to studying, and today I had a test. Which took me back to scantrons, pencils (I honestly don’t remember the last time I used one…sad), and feeling incredibly self-conscious because I’ve had a cold and I’m sitting there sniffling and feeling super noisy in that uncannily quiet testing center. I hate being that person!

All said and done, I think I did really well. The scores won’t be posted until tomorrow…it’s driving me nuts to not know! So…being me, and being in Salt Lake…I went to Anthro to reward myself….with this necklace. So cute right? (haha, let’s just hope I’m not too early in my celebration! Let’s be honest, it’s the first time I’ve walked out of the college chem test feeling remotely good about it. That in itself deserves a reward 🙂 ) Ok maybe that’s just my excuse. Maybe next midterm, I’ll reward myself with the bedding that just went on sale!

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