Safe Haven



I kept going back and forth between if I liked the book or the movie better…which is weird because usually the book is always better. Maybe it’s because I saw the movie first so I knew how it would end, and because I saw this on Valentine’s Day and I just fell in love with it…plus Josh Duhamel is in it and it’s a little hard to compete with starring at him for two hours…:)

But here is my comparison…Maybe don’t read this if you haven’t seen the movie or read this because it might give things away rather than convince you to read or not read.

I will say this before you read on if you don’t want spoilers…I thought it was a good book and I’d totally recommend it. It’s not super cheesy like some of his books. Just like the movie. It has more suspense. After you read this you may think I hated the movie, but I totally loved it too, so don’t think that I hated it. The book and the movie were actually pretty different in the details, but had the same story.


1. Katie is way more careful in the book. She’s cautious and she thinks things over a lot. In the movie she jumps in faster…which could be just because it’s a two hour movie and they have to get things moving, but still.

2. In the book she actually plans how to escape from her husband for a long time. In the movie it doesn’t seem as planned, because she throws all of her things into a bag, runs to a neighbors house, and she stabs him, so you can’t tell if she killed him or what was going on for a while. You almost don’t even know if the officer is her husband or just a police officer trying to solve the case for a while into the movie. Maybe I was just confused and that was me. In the book she plans her escape for months and runs away from him, while he is out of town for a case.

3. In the book she explains to Alex about her past on her own, but in the movie he sees her wanted poster and gets mad etc. I guess maybe that was to make it more dramatic, but then all the sudden they’re like forgiving each other again etc.

4. The movie had the whole row boat on the lake in the rain again. Straight from the Notebook. This wasn’t even in the book. I thought it made Nicholas Sparks look unimaginative, but then it wasn’t even in the book and I realized that the movie people are the unimaginative ones.

5. I don’t really even remember how Kevin found her in the movie. He tracked down one of the buses somehow…which really kind of didn’t make sense, but in the book he found how she got a new identity, which was much more plausible. In the book, they explain his story more, and he is a good detective, so it’s more interesting on his side. I liked that at least we could see what was going on in his brain, even if he was a psycho.

6. I can’t decide if I liked Jo in the movie or book better. In both of them I wouldn’t have predicted the twist (except that I already knew for the book since I saw the movie first). I guess you get to know her better in the book because she’s in it more though. I like that she seems more a part of Katie’s life in the book.

So that’s my review.

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