Safe Haven

safe-haven-exclusive-posterSo I went to this movie last night with some girlfriends for Valentine’s Day. I love it! Yes, it’s based on the book by Nicholas Sparks (which I’ve heard is even better than the movie; on my reading list now!), but it was not too cheesy or weird Come on though, he wrote the Notebook…why wouldn’t we go to a romantic movie on Valentine’s Day.

It’s about a girl who’s husband beats her and she tries to escape to a new town to get away from him. That’s basically the most simple way to explain it. Of course more things happen in the movie, so you’ll have to watch it! julianne-hough-josh-duhamel-lgsafe-haven-duhamel-hough-600I thought these two were so cute together! I wish they would date each other instead of Fergie and Ryan Seacrest, but I guess you can’t always get what you want can you? Another reason as to why I’m not dating Josh already 🙁

I also am seriously contemplating cutting my hair short again because of hers in this movie. This picture does not even explain it. Watch the movie and you’ll completely understand. (I probably won’t really cut my hair since it took so long to grow out, but serious serious hair envy right now.)hbz-12-Chic-Haircuts-Julianne-Hough-de

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