Scary Movies

Been watching a few scary movies in the spirit of Halloween.

Scream 4
Kinda of cheesy…not going to lie there were parts where I jumped. I mean it’s a scream movie, but this one was a little less “scary” than the first ones I guess. There is an interesting twist at the end. Not at the top of my list of movies to see, however there are TONS of people in this movie.
Neve Campbell
Courtney Cox
David Arquette
Shenae Grimes
Kristen Bell
Anna Paquin
Emma Roberts
Hayden Panettiere
Marley Shelton
Adam Brody
Heather Graham

This movie was actually pretty good. I jumped a lot! Very different idea and another interesting twist at the end. I’d definitely recommend renting it. Also Rose Byrne is in it and I think she is so cute.

Dream House
This movie wasn’t as scary as I thought, more of a thinking movie, but I liked it more than I thought I would too. Good cast. I’d recommend it also.

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