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So I kind of feel like just half-way did my “new years resolutions”. I had so many going through my head that I just spit out a couple, but I’ve been thinking and I really wanted to write down an ACTUAL list of resolutions or intentions so I can keep myself accountable and keep checking back on them! So here we go!


  • Be more mindful of what I’m eating – Every year I say I’m going to cut out sugar or only eat clean extra…which is actually a goal I would like to achieve one day, but for right now I think I am just going to start really small and focus on just trying to eat a balanced diet, not over indulge or eat, and still let myself have a treat every now and again. I would love to say I’m going to eat perfectly and get super ripped (dreamworld), but maybe we’ll eventually get there 🙂
  • Drink more water – I am the WORST at drinking water. Here are a few tips that I’m going to do to help me drink more! Getting enough water helps with your skin, digestion, and helps control your appetite!
    • I bought a bunch of awesome water bottles so that I will carry one where ever I go! I love these and these because they keep your water cold forever!
    • I mix crystal lite or WM Nutrition’s Advantra Slim into my waters so it tastes good!
    • I’m downloading the Daily Water App so I can track it! I got an apple watch and I’ve been tracking my fitness goals and I think if I start tracking my water intake it will also help!
  • Sleep more – I am also the worst at this, but this one is pretty self explanatory.
  • Workout consistently – I would love to say I’m going to work out 5-6 times a week, but I am going to set a goal for 3-4 right now until I get back in the habit!

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  • Answer my emails faster – sometimes I’m REALLY good at this and sometimes it takes me days or weeks and all the sudden I have 100 emails and I get super overwhelmed. So my goal is to answer all my emails weekly!
  • Be more optimistic – I tend to get really down on myself in regards to comparing myself to other bloggers. I know! I know! This is the worst thing I could do. My motto has always been collaboration over competition, but sometimes that little voice sneaks in and makes me second guess everything I’m doing. That my outfits aren’t good enough or another girl is getting the collabs I want etc. But I’m going to try focusing on the fact that I have so many amazing followers and it doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing.
  • Put myself out there more – Kind of along with the previous goal. I always just assume a brand or network will say no before I assume they will want to work with me. But honestly the best question I can ask myself is what is the worst that can happen? Someone says no? I’ve gotta get over it and head to the next one! What’s the best that could happen by me reaching out or putting myself out there….they could say yes and I could form an amazing relationship!
  • Try new styles – Sometimes I feel like I tend to get a little boring, so this year I really want to step out of my comfort zone and try some new trends!
  • Improve my writing skills – If you have noticed, over half of my posts barely have an intro…so I’m going to work on that. And work on not writing how I talk…like like like :p
  • Re-read You are a Badass – well just cuz DUH. If you haven’t read this yet. Do it!
  • Get my shirt company moving! – I designed a few shirts this last year, but I really want to focus on getting this going! I hope I can design some styles you guys love!
  • Start making videos – The only videos I really do are instagram stories…which people seem to like, but I want to get some good equipment this year and start making videos.
  • Make $XXX through blogging – I have a goal that I would like to hit, but I don’t think I need to share that with everyone :p
  • Hit XXX amount of followers – This one may seem a little bit stupid to someone who’s not a blogger. But for me it’s actually not totally about the number. It’s more that I am continuing to grow and continuing to do something I love!

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  • Follow a skincare routine – I have been getting better at this! But I was awful for a while…this year I’m sticking to it! I’ll share a post about my routine once I get it totally down! But for now, the brand that has made stick to a routine so far is TULA! (If you want to try it, use code: KRISTINROSE for a 20% discount)
  • Learn how to cook new dishes – I actually love cooking, but I never have anyone to cook for, so I would love to learn to make some new things!
  • Read 30 books this year! 
  • De-clutter my space – If you saw my room….
  • Wake up earlier – I never sleep, so I don’t do well with early mornings, but I would love to start getting up early and getting my workout out of the way.
  • Work on developing more patience – enough said.
  • Considers my haves, instead of have-nots – I think this would help me with a lot of my goals. Instead of focusing so much on what I don’t have, I need to remember to be grateful for what I do have.
  • Get better at being decisive – I get so much anxiety trying to make the simplest decisions so the next goal should help me with this…I hope.
  • Take time to breathe and meditate – RELAX.
  • Do small acts of kindness – I think that doing acts of service helps not only the people you are doing it for but makes you feel better and fell happier as well.
  • Stop happy FOMO – This is a big one for me. Some days I don’t care at all and some days I drive myself nuts just wondering what everyone else is doing and if I’m missing out. I think this adds to my indecisiveness at times.
  • Keep to a budget – I’m pretty bad at this too…so this year I’m really really actually setting a budget.
  • Learn to love myself and stop comparing – I talked about this also in my professional goals, but sometimes I find myself doing this even just in my personal life and not just blogging. Really really going to work on this one this year too. I think I have made huge strides with this in the last year and I just hope I can keep working on it.
  • Be happy

Red Faux Fur Star Print CoatRed Faux Fur Star Print CoatRed Faux Fur Star Print CoatRed Faux Fur Star Print Coat

Coat – c/o Shein
Tee – similar here
Jeans – similar here
Necklace – Estella Bartlett
Sneakers – Target

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