Sequin Jacket and High Heels

I love to have a statement piece when I go out or dress up. This jacket is obviously that. I saw it at the store and my eyes were immediately drawn to it out of everything there. (And I got lucky because it was on sale! I love when that happens!!!) So I obviously had to get it because it jumped out to me so much. Maybe my shiny lizard jacket will jump out to someone else and I’ll get a date? Haha jk…but really. Ok I’m kidding. I find that most guys don’t notice that stuff anyway and I like to dress for myself or I’m not happy. Anyway, wether your statement piece is an out of control jacket, a jeweled necklace, or just a bright stand-out tee, you just have to find out what works best for you and what you are comfortable with.

Jacket – Mural; Blouse – J.Crew (more options here and here); Jeans – J Brand; Shoes – Steven by Steve Madden (similar here); Rings – Banana Republic, David Yurman

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