SHARK ATTACK! Shark Week Fashion

Now I know some of you may just be a little obsessed with Shark Week…I bet I could take you down in Shark Trivia! I’m going to get on Shark Week Cash Cab one day and clean him out! No joke.

Sharks seriously terrify me and I think that’s why they fascinate me so much at the same time. ALMOST as much as fashion! What? Ok…maybe not that much 🙂

Don’t get yourself into a feeding frenzy, but check out the awesome shark gear below. Need some bling? We got it. Need some tees? We got um! We even have a shark phone cover! See below!

Givenchy Pink Gold Shark’s Tooth Pendant Necklace –

The Rodnik Bank Shark Hood Top –

Carrier Pigeon Jewelry Shark Fin Ring –

‘Sometimes I Just Need To Get Away (Shark) IPhone Case) –

Deszo White Shark Tooth Earrings –

Green Hill Phantom Shark Tank –

Cooperative Shark Duffle Bag –

Forever 21 Cropped Shark Top –

Ettika Satin Braid Shark Bead Bracelet –

*ideas found at

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