Last weekend, I went down to the farm to hang out…I was in for a little surprise.
(picture I took on the way down)

Jake decided to take me shooting. I have never shot a gun before and it was pretty fun…SOOO, I decided to get geared up for it. I stole Jake’s John Deere camo hat (which normally I would never wear haha), put on some boots, and loaded the gun.

We made a pit stop to see the baby cows…and also chase some of the big ones back into their “area” because they got out…well Jake chased them…I stood there.

This baby had a little heart on his head for Valentine’s Day 🙂

So Jake got two birds with one shot…ha, no pun intended. (The one he’s holding and the one in the tree.)

And me? Yeah, I got nothing.

Puppies at the farm.

The next day, I made some Valentine’s cookies with Ashley. Yum yum in my tum.

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