Skirts to Fall for

I’m obsessed with these three skirts for fall. I want all of them. Also I wish I dressed up more so I had a reason to wear them. Remember how that was one of my resolutions this year…oops.
The first is from Banana Republic. So much cuter even in person.

If you couldn’t tell already, this one is J.Crew. They have a whole little animal print section that I’m loving right now. I just bought a leopard print shirt today actually (just not from there). I will always have a place in my heart for animal print. (as long as it’s not the trashy hooker looking kind 🙂 )

And this is at Nordstrom by Marc Jacobs. Too bad I probably can’t afford this one. The print is so adorable though! I guess you could call this “animal print” too. Ha. I want it so bad. I could get the other two for the price of this one though :(.

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