Sleeping and Dieting

In Allure Magazine, there was an article about a study done comparing sleeping and dieting. I thought it was kind of interesting.
55% less body fat was lost by dieters who slept 5.5 hours per night versus 8.5 hours.

Apparently, sleep deprivation is associated with increased body fat even when you’re dieting. Volunteers slept 8.5 hours a per night over two week sessions and then slept 5.5 hours per night in another. During the day their diet and activity were controlled. When they got less sleep they lost less fat mass (1.3 pounds compared to 3), were hungrier, and had high levels of ghrelin, which is an appetite-stimulating hormone. A professor at University of Chicago said these people will also have a harder time keeping weight off because their metabolism was slowing down due to lean muscle loss.

SO…moral of the story, sleep more…you’ll lose more fat if you’re dieting and you’re less likely to cheat!
Plus you’ll probably just be happier 🙂

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