some questions

1. favorite song
“Wild One Forever” – Tom Petty

2. favorite movie
Hard one…I have too many…so at the moment my current favorite is “Country Strong”

3. favorite show
“Grey’s Anatomy”

4. favorite book
I have so many, but one I’ve always loved is “To Kill A Mockingbird”

5. favorite quote
“Be contented with your fate, for discontent leads to unhappiness, and unhappiness, in any form, is the greatest evil that can befall you.”
The Wizard of Oz

6. favorite food
This is so hard…probably italian food. I have to leave it open. haha.

7. favorite beverage

8. a photo i took

9. a photo of me
10. what i wore today
Skinny jeans, a loose green button up, and black DV tribal sandals.
11. what i did today
Worked all day (super busy) then went to Salt Lake for my chemistry test. Then I stopped by Anthropologie and headed home. Now I’m watching tv and about to go to bed. Even though it doesn’t sound like it, the work and test made it a long day.
12. what i ate today
Spicy Italian sandwich at Subway for lunch
Then I got a really weird craving for Hot Dog on a Stick after my test so I got a corndog and a lemonade for dinner.

13. what is in my bag
Let’s see…today I have a camera, keys, gym pass, pens, notebook, phone, chapstick, hair ties, bobby pins, wallet, receipts, gum, lotion, comb, ipod, and “Water for Elephants”….not too exciting.

14. a bad habit
Biting my nails! I’m getting better, but every now and again I get stressed out and do it! Ugh!

15. a pet peeve
When cars merge without using their blinker
16. a memory
Going to Lake Powell every year with my family. So fun. I miss it.
17. a goal
To get into Westminster Nursing in January. Cross your fingers for me!
If not Westminster, then hopefully just get into nursing school somewhere.

18. a secret
If I told you it wouldn’t be a secret anymore, would it?

19. a wish
That I win a bunch of money or something!
Actually I just want to travel all over the place.

20. a hobby
I’m hoping to take up golf. Jake just bought me lessons and I’m super excited to get better!

21. a recipe

Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese Sandwich


  • 2 ounces cream cheese, softened
  • 1 tablespoon sour cream
  • 10 pickled jalapeno pepper slices, or to taste – chopped
  • 2 ciabatta sandwich rolls
  • 4 teaspoons butter
  • 8 tortilla chips, crushed
  • 1/2 cup shredded Colby-Monterey Jack cheese


  1. Combine the cream cheese, sour cream, and pickled jalapeno in a small bowl. Set aside. Preheat skillet over medium heat.
  2. Slice each roll in half horizontally, then slice the rounded tops off the ciabatta rolls to make a flat top half. Spread 1 teaspoon butter on the doughy cut side of the bottom bun and 1 teaspoon butter on the now flattened top bun. Place half of the cream cheese mixture, half of the crushed chips, and half of the shredded cheese on the non-buttered side of the bottom bun. Place the top half of the bun on the sandwich and place the sandwich on the hot skillet. Repeat with the second sandwich.
  3. Grill until lightly browned and flip over, about 3 to 5 minutes; continue grilling until cheese is melted and the second side is golden brown.
22. a blog
really cute outfit ideas for pretty cheap.

23. a piece of art

24. a tumblr crush
i’m not sure how this is different than the one below because its not like i have a guy to crush that’s on tumblr, so i’ll just put two tumblrs i like….

25. a tumblr favorite

26. a dream i had recently
I don’t really remember my dreams, but I had one that I was flying recently and I remember we were like going to the wrong place and I was freaking out, but then all the sudden I wasn’t on a plane anymore and I was just at the beach, but I was so hot because I was wearing a sweater, but I couldn’t take it off. And then I woke up or something. It was stupid.
27. a quote from a chat i had recently
“you’ll be like the next carrie bradshaw, but i have to make sure i’m not on your blog from our past relationship or something”

28. something that made me laugh recently
kale, and watching him and jake try to catch a trout with their hands

29. something that gives me wanderlust
seeing pictures of my friends traveling, reading, cultural food….everything!

30. an anonymous shout out
how do you do an anonymous shout out? isn’t the point of a shout out to tell someone something? I guess I’ll just say I love you to you know who! I’ve had so much fun with you lately!

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