Strawberry Days Weekend

I love the Rodeo!
I love Strawberry Days!

Nicole, me, Brit, Kami, Cadence,…,Jess

Brit and I after

Saturday morning we took Kale, Halle, and Tyson to the parade and the carnival. It was so fun. I ate so many treats! I love carnival food!

Kale got a McQueen airbrush tattoo on his leg

That night we had a bbq and went out to play horseshoes and shuffleboard. I will have you know that Jess and I are the shuffleboard champions, beating out Andy and Kami.
Also Andy and I were winning horseshoes, but Chad ruined our game 🙁

Sunday was really rainy, but it made the sky so pretty, so Jake was taking pictures of Timp. I thought I would post this so you could see how pretty the sky was…obviously not because I do. haha.

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