Yellow, Leopard, and a huge Henri Bendel Sale

Shein Yellow and leopard print coat, Henri bendel crossbody bag

This outfit is giving me major Blair Waldorf vibes…man I wish that show was still on! But most of my outfit is on sale! My boots are on sale! My coat is only $41 and you can get an additional 20% off with code: Kristin20 (scroll below for the link to shop!) AND as you all know Henri Bendel is closing, so their entire site is on sale! I have linked this bag, but I also added some of my other favorite bags that you can still purchase before they close! 

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Kristin’s Photoaday – Middle of January

My cute Christmas owls and feathers from West Elm, but I’m considering keeping them out all year long.

gloves in cailfornia? what?

Taylor playing soccer…woot woot!

Gossip Girl finale…:( saddest day of my life, but i LOVED Blair’s dress.

gold holiday leggings and ‘by boe’ necklace. obsessed.

the fish boys

Kale and his monster spray! He sprays it in his room before he goes to sleep so they can’t come in!

snow boots…brrrr

I don’t know how I keep ending up in places like this. I barely even camp! #scheels

Sometimes this is just what you need.

Old photo…but I posted it for Taylor’s bday! He turned 18! What!!!

Starting my collection #classics

I’m moving to Russia. It’s just as cold here.

Riding the train to Sale Lake with our friends!

I told him it would get stuck. He thought it was hilarious.

Yes, that is a shovel tied to a sleigh. Hey whatever works right? He also thought this was hilarious.

Kale has decided to learn his ninja skills from Jillian Michaels kickboxing DVDs.

*instagram @kristinrosedavis

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May Photoaday – Week Three

Day 14 – Monday May 14 – Grass

Love having my toes in the grass on a warm day

Day 15 – Tuesday May 15 – Love

Chuck and Blair

Day 16 – Wednesday May 16 – What you’re reading

Day 17 – Thursday May 17 – Snack

Day 18 – Friday Mary 18 – Something you made

Homemade Potato Salad

Day 19 – Saturday May 19 – A favorite place

The lake…I can’t wait for boating this summer!

Day 20 – Sunday May 20 – Something you can’t live without

My mags 🙂

*instagram @kristinrosedavis

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Spotted: Blair in Beaded Orange

As you all know, if I could raid a celebrity’s closet it would probably be Rachel Bilson, and if I could raid a television character’s it would be Serena or Blair’s from Gossip Girl. The season finale for season five was last night, and Blair went out with a bang. She paired this Naeem Khan Beaded Orange Gown from the Spring 2012 collection with a gorgeous turquiose braclet for a perfect “Blair” ensemble. I’m in love…

…also make sure you watch the finale because I could not be happier with the very end of it! YAY! I can’t wait for this fall!

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