Be More Collection Floral Maxi and $500 Amazon Giveaway

Be More Collection Femme Floral Maxi Dress

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I’ve got another fantastic deal for you today! This gorgeous wrap dress is part of the Be More Collection and just guess the price…ONLY $30! One of my favorite blogger babes started this company and I think the reason is just perfect.

Give More, Live More, Be More

“Be More Clothing Collection is a scholarship based collection that gives back to women who are pursuing a creative career. Whether a photographer, culinary arts major, hairstylist, artist, florist or a makeup artist we want to encourage women EVERYWHERE to go after their dreams by using their talents to create a lucrative business that can support them fully.”

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Dogeared on HauteLook Today!

Another great jewelry brand on sale today! Dogeared at Hautelook!  I know I just posted about one yesterday, but I couldn’t let you guys miss this! They have really fun pendants and I own about 8 of these necklaces, because they are great for everyday wear and layering! Check it out and don’t miss out on the discounted prices! Here are some of my favs!

‘North Star’ Key Pendant Leather Necklace – $28 (normally $52)

‘Peaceful’ Peace Sign Pendant Necklace – $31 (normally $58)

‘Light As A Feather’ Pendant Necklace’ – $38 (normally $72)

‘You Are My Anchor’ Charm Necklace – $28 (normally $52)

Textured Circle ‘Karma’ Pendant Necklace – $52 (normally $102)

*find all of these great necklaces at

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March into April Photoaday

Day 26 – Monday March 26 – Key
(from Anthro…it’s a bottle opener too)

Day 27 – Tuesday March 27 – Your Name
My name and nicknames from friends, wishing me happy birthday! Thanks everyone!

Day 28 – Wednesday March 28 – Trash
yeah I didn’t care to take a picture of my trash…and couldn’t think of anything clever instead.
Day 29 – Thursday March 29 – Feet
Watching Top Model

Day 30 – Friday March 30 – Toy
Day 31 – Saturday March 31 – Where you relax
I didn’t do the last two days because I wasn’t really around and was kinda busy 🙁 sorry!

So here is April’s Photoaday. Last month’s had a lot of kinda weird/boring ones, but this one looks better so we’ll try it for at least one more month 🙂 Gives me something to do everyday.

Day 1 – Sunday April 1 – Your Reflection
(in my fav new anorak from Anthro)

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Favorites Lately – Early February

Love this quote.

Obsessed with this necklace from J.Crew.
Good thing I ordered it this week 😉

I think I need this. (J.Crew)

I love the colors on these wedges from Madewell. They have them in a few other colors as well.

I just bought all of these fun things for my kitchen from Anthropologie. So excited about it.

Madison Shorts at Anthropologie
I want. I love green. I love shorts. Perfect.

Rhododendron Chandelier at Anthropologie
I kept seeing this all over pinterest and was obsessed with it, but then I found out it was on Anthro…so now I know where I can get it when I come into some money 🙂

I love braided bracelets…I think these are so cute.

Flux Wedges at Anthropologie

Every now and again Train comes out with a song that I just love…this one is so catchy. 🙂
Drive By – Train

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