Oscar After Party Outfits

So usually I don’t really do a big post on the after-party outfits, but there were some pretty good ones for this year’s Oscars, so why not? I think most of the people who wore my favorite dresses for the show ended up wearing my favorites for the after parties also…For me my favorites were (and not necessarily in this order)…

1. Jennifer Lawrence

2. Naomi Watts

3. Amy Adams

4. Lily Collins

5. Kate Bosworth

6. Diane Krueger

7. Amanda Seyfriend

8. Nina Dobrev

I know that’s a lot, but there were so many good ones, and a lot of people who weren’t at the Oscars, but came after! Let me know who your favorites were!

Jennifer Lawrence in Calvin Klein; Ohmigosh I love this just as much as her Oscar dress. It’s fluid and gorgeous. Everything looks so good on her.oscars-afterparty-dresses-jennifer-lawrence-h724

Amy Adams in Oscar de la Renta; Wow…again…which one of her dresses do I like more? I guess when you’re nominated you get to pick from the best. Beautiful!oscars-afterparty-dresses-amy-adams-h724

Naomi Watts in Emilio Pucci; Absolutely love this too. She looked fabulous in both of her dresses tonight. Loved!oscars-afterparty-dresses-naomi-watts-h724

Anne Hathaway in YSL; I can’t decide if I like this dress better or worse than the one she wore to the show. This one doesn’t flatter her figure at all, but I like the color better. The other one was just so plain and blah. This one is just shapeless. I didn’t like her choices at all. Maybe she’s pregnant?anne-hathaway-oscars-after-parties

Selena Gomez in Versace; This isn’t really my favorite. I feel like she’s trying to look a lot older than she is. It’s a pretty dress, but I wish she would have worn something more fun and in a bright color!selenagomez

Lily Collins in Zuhair Murad; I love this! I love the two different prints and the color!lilycolins

Kate Bosworth in Giambattista Valli; Gorg! I am glad that she wore a short dress and I love her hair! One of my favs! kateb

Solange in Emilio Pucci; Love the dress! Hate the hair! It’s not bouncy enough…it looks like it’s falling over or else I would love it.solange

Natalie Portman in Dior; Simple and sweet and beautiful. She always looks perfect.natalieportman

Georgina Chapman in Marchesa; I love Marchesa…and if you can look this pretty when you’re pregnant…wow.georginachapman

Hilary Swank in Valentino; I really like this dress, but I would have picked something a little bit less heavy looking for a party. I mean it’s red and fun, and has the light material on top, but I think the train and the long sleeves makes it look a little bit heavier than I would like. It’s gorgeous though.oscars-afterparty-dresses-hillary-swank-h724

Olivia Munn in Marchesa; While I think the dress is pretty…It seems to be missing some pieces…lol (and I didn’t even show it from the side). The detailing is amazing though.2013 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Graydon Carter - Arrivals

Kate Beckinsale in Monique Lhuillier; I love this look! So fun and not too serious. So perfect for a party!oscars-afterparty-dresses-kate-beckinsale-h724

Kourtney Kardashian in Brian Renne and Kim Kardashian in Donna Karen; honestly I don’t know how the Karsdashian’s get into anything important, but I think Kourtney is hilarious so I’ll forgive that…I do think her dress is a little bit too long though. If it was a bit shorter I would love it. Or even all the way to the floor would be better. I think that Kim’s fits better with the event. I don’t really like her white shoes. I think it would look better if they were gold. I just don’t know why she’s even there! oscars-afterparty-dresses-kardashian-sisters-h724

Miranda Kerr in Valentino; I think this dress is very different, but I like it! miranda-kerr-290

Elizabeth Banks in Alexander McQueen; Such a fun dress! I loved it! Orange is hard to pull off, but it looked beautiful. I love this material for spring. I did not really like her hair though. It was too high in the front and slicked on the sides. elizabeth-banks-290

Diane Krueger in Giambattista Valli; Ohmigosh I absolutely love this. I think it’s one of my favorites because it’s so different! It’s fun and cute, but sophisticated in a way also! I love actually love the width and sleeves.diane-kruger-290

Heidi Klum; Umm I don’t really know what to say about this, but I don’t like any of it…the dress, the cleavage, the hair…ugh. I think it makes her look chubby…and “The Body” is anything but.heidi-klum-290

Zooey Deschanel in Valentino; Usually I really like her funky style, but I didn’t like this. It looked like a sparkly sister wive.zooey-deschanel-290

Nina Dobrev in Naeem Khan; She is seriously so pretty. I swear everything looks good on her. I love this print.nina-dobrev-290

Amanda Seyfried in Givenchy; I’m in love with this dress that she performed in and then wore to the after parties! It totally stands out against her skin and I love the strappy details! amanda-seyfried-290

Britney Spears in Michael Cinco Couture; I actually like her hair brown here and the dress isn’t too bad either.britney-spears-290

Ginnifer Goodwin in Monique Lhullier; I love this whole look! Exactly what I would wear to a party!ginnifer-goodwin-290

Zoe Saldana in Givenchy; This almost reminds me of a nightgown of some sort, but I definitely like it more that the dress she wore earlier in the night. zoe-saldana-290

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Spring Nail Colors

So…it’s still winter, and still freezing…but spring fashion trends are everywhere online, in magazines, and even in stores already! It’s this huge dilemma for me because I want to buy all of them up right away, but I can’t wear them. Then by the time I can wear them, the next season is already out or I’m tired of them because it took so long for the snow to go away! I know, I have such a hard life when this is my biggest problem in the morning right? (heavy sarcasm, if you couldn’t sense it :P)

Anyway, if any of you are like me, there is a simple way to solve this! Spring Nail Colors! You can at least brighten up your fingers and toes and stay warm at the same time! Then when it really is spring, you can match them to your cute new spring outfits! So, here is a rainbow of spring colors to try!


Dior ‘Cherie Bow’ Nail Laquer; Deborah Lippmann ‘Groove is in the Heart’; Zoya Nail Polish in ‘Geigei’; China Glaze Nail Polish in ‘Passion for Petals’; Essie Nail Polish in ‘Madison Ave-Hue’.

I don’t wear a lot of pink, but I LOVE it on my nails. Two of my favorite pinks are O.P.I. ‘That’s Hot Pink!’ and ‘ElePhantastic Pink’O.P.I.-Thats-Hot-Pink-225x300OPI Elephantastic pink


LCN Polish in ‘Soft Daisy’; Zoya Nail Polish in ‘Jacqueline’; Butter London in ‘Jasper’

My favorite yellow is Sally Hansen ‘Mellow Yellow’.Sally Hanson Mellow Yellow


More specifically light greens and mint green for this spring!item2.rendition.slideshowVertical.spring-nails-mint

Deborah Lippmann Polish in ‘Rockin’ Robin’; YSL Nail Lacquer in ‘Bronze Pyrite’; Zoya Nail Polish in ‘Neely’; LCN Polish in ‘I Love Mint’; Butter London Nail Lacquer in ‘Fiver’;

Right now I am loving O.P.I. ‘Thanks-A-Windmillion’.OPI Thanks A Windmillion


LCN Polish in ‘Lilac Blossom’; Butter London Nail Lacquer in ‘Molly Coddled’; Zoya Nail Polish in ‘Julie’; Essie Nail Polish in ‘Bond with Whomever’.

And my favorite…O.P.I. ‘Lucky Lucky Lavender’.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It just so happens that I picked a lot of O.P.I. shades for my picks this post…I do love O.P.I., but I also recommend Essie and Sally Hansen! These three brands are probably what I buy the most and are a little bit cheaper than Butter, Deborah Lippmann, or Dior, for example. They don’t chip as fast and have a great thick color…none of that see-through, you have to put on ten coats to get it to show kind. Two coats and a quick-dry top coat are all you need. However, I do like all of the brands I posted out!

Don’t forget to let me know what your favorites are for spring!

*ideas and photos from LuckyMagazine.com

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The Tenth Day of Christmas…

On the Tenth Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

10 Perfect Reds for a fabulous Classic Manicure!

Nars Nail Polish in ‘Dovima’

Essie Nail Polish in ‘She’s Pampered’

Rescue Beauty Lounge Nail Polish in ‘Chinoise’

Revlon Nail Polish in ‘680 Revlon Red’

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in ‘All Fired Up’

Chanel Nail Colour in ‘Pirate’

YSL Nail Polish in ‘Rouge Pop Art’

Jin Soon Nail Polish in ‘Coquette’

Christian Dior Diorifice Vernis in ‘Marilyn’

OPI Nail Laquer in ‘The Thrill of Brazil’

*ideas from Lucky Magazine

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