Taylor Swift

Chick Crush Day 23
Taylor Swift
Sometimes you have retail therapy, sometimes you have psychotherapy, and sometimes you just have Taylor Swift…
She went to Nashville to try and get people interested in signing her when she was 11. She got signed at 14. Her first single Tim McGraw was written when she was in 9th grade. She has won 2/3rds of of all of the awards that she has been nominated for and I don’t think any one else can say that.
I just love her because I love her music. I love that she writes about real experience and isn’t afraid to write about real people. She just calls people out. I think she is still sweet and innocent. She’s cute. I always have her cds on repeat in my car. Probably have all of her songs memorized. My friends and I have this joke about “Taylor Swifting” someone, when we burst into a Taylor Swift song on you out of nowhere.
But like I said, somedays you just have a day when you have to listen to Taylor to make you feel better, or to cry, or to just have a good time with your friends. Love her.

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