Ten Day “You” Challenge – Day 8

Day 8 – Eight Fears
1. Sharks
I am terrified of Sharks. However I am also fascinated by them. I am obsessed with Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. I probably have all the shows memorized and if I happened to get in Cash Cab on that week, I’d kill it. Sharks are so freaking scary to look at. They are seriously prehistoric looking and I would not want to be caught in the water with one of those things coming at me with all of its teeth. This is mean, but I would just hope I was swimming with a huge fat man or something and the shark would be smart enough to go for him first. I literally get scared at Lake Powell or other lakes sometimes because this ridiculous irrationality comes over me and I think that maybe someone has secretly dumped a shark in there and it’s going to come up and grab my bum while I’m waiting to get pulled up to wakeboard or something.
3. Spiders
These are almost worse than sharks because you can find them in your house. Ugh…shudder shudder. I HATE spiders. They make me icky all over. Nasty little creepy, crawly, ugly things. They’re just disgusting. And don’t worry, that second picture is totally real. Barf. If I ever saw a spider that big, I think I would die. Definitely faint. But probably die. Plus, spiders can totally kill you too.

3. I’m secretly a little afraid of taxis.
Mostly only when you have to ride in them alone. And mostly only because of all of the crime shows I watch, because I swear half of them have something to do with a taxi. And this is totally mean, but they always portray the taxi drivers to not be so upstanding. There was an episode of Criminal Minds I think, where the Taxi Driver was gasing the unsuspecting girls in the back of his taxi and then taking them back to his house and doing experiments on them. Yeah, little creepy. Or on Law and Order I feel like girls are always attacked in taxis. Hmmm…good thing I’m going to New York next week…guess I’ll have to get over that one.

4. “It”…not just any clowns…
Ok…so yeah, not just any clowns, although a lot of them are kind of creepy. (and I hate creepy clowns in general…they’re supposed to be nice). I used to have this rain gutter in front of my house where I had to park my car in high school so my Dad could get out in the morning before me and I was so scared someone was going to be hiding down there like in the movie “It”. I thought they were either going to pull me down there and “get” me, or they would slash my ankles or something and pull me under, etc etc. It technically wouldn’t even have had to be a clown…but like I said, the stupid scary clowns kinda bug me too, so I put them together.

5. Public Speaking
Just hate it. I can sing, dance, play piano, talk in a group of people….whatever. But I HATE getting up and speaking in public, or presenting. And I’m not really even a shy person. Just don’t know what it is.

6. I’m scared I won’t be able to have a baby.
I’ve always just had weird issues with my “female” system, and some of my cousins have had a hard time having kids. So I always have just had this fear in the back of my head or self that I won’t be able to have my own child. It’s totally irrational because I haven’t even tried yet and I’m not married, but I think it scares me more than not getting married, because I want to have kids so bad one day. But that’s just one of my fears. I want my own mini-me one day 🙂

7. Failure
This is not a surprise. I think most people are slightly afraid of this. I’m sort of a perfectionist. Most people who know me, know this about me. Lately though I get so nervous that I let it get in the way of me trying things. I go back and forth between the two things I posted below about it. I need to remember that if you don’t try you won’t succeed at all though.

8. Ending Up Alone
I don’t want to spend my whole life alone. I want to find someone to share it with and have a family. I don’t want to come home every night to an empty home. I like being around people. I’m scared to keep giving my heart to people who don’t reciprocate back. I just want to end up happy and have someone to share that with I guess.


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