Ten Great Skin Care Tips

If you want gorgeous glowing skin like Kate Bosworth’s try some of these tips below!

1. Exfoliate Gently – Getting rid of dead skin is key to an amazing complexion, but you don’t want to overdo it. Avoid irritation by picking a mild form of exfoliation, like a creamy scrub with jojoba beads. Apply it in the shower, when your skin is warm and damp for best results. 

2. Use Green to Conceal Redness – Use a primer with a green tint to tone done the flush caused by a red blemish or rosacea. Then apply your regular foundation or concealer. (Try Correcting Primer by Physician’s Formula, $10.95 at most drugstores.)

3. Don’t Skimp on Sleep – Getting adequate rest (usually about 8 hours) is one of the best ways to maintain your complexion. Skin heals itself overnight, so getting a good amount of sleep with result in more luminous skin and brighter eyes.

4. Get an Instant Glow with Face Oil – Pick one rich in omega-3s and smooth over freshly-washed skin in circular, upward motions. The ingredients and massage with make your skin look dewy and increase circulation for a natural glow. (Try Philosophy’s ‘When Hope is not Enough’)

5. Sooth Sensitive Skin with a Moisturizing Mask – Combat dryness can solve sensitive skin problem. After washing your face, use a hydrating mask. Leave on for 3-5 minutes then rinse and apply your regular moisturizing lotion. (Try Hydrating Mask by L’Occitane.)

6. Cucumber Eye Mask – Waking up in the morning with something cold – either chilled cucumber slices or a cold towel – gives you a refreshed feeling.

7. Use a Make-up Removing Towelette after Washing – After washing your face, use a make-up removing towelette to make sure you get every last bit of make-up off your face.

8. Nourish Skin with a Banana Peel – After eating a banana, rub the what is left on the peel onto your face and leave for around ten minutes. Banana’s are full of skin-softening minerals. 

9. Banish Blackheads with Baking Soda – Add water to baking soda until it becomes pasty and put it on your nose. Let sit for 20-30 minutes and wash off with a scrub brush. 

10. Protect Skin During the Day. Repair at Night.

Day: Wearing sunscreen during the day is the best way to prevent aging. Layer it over an antioxidant serum (like SkinCueticals Serum 10 AOX) to boost it’s effects.

Night: Use reparative treatments at night (a product with retinol is great). Follow up with a hyaluronic acid or glyceron-rich cream that is heavier than your day cream. This will lock in moisture. 

*tips found in People StyleWatch Magazine

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