The 26 List

So since I only had 6 months for my 25 list, there’s a lot of things I didn’t finish…well, I didn’t expect to do ALL of them anyway, but here are the ones I did get done.
2. I kind of have a bike…it’s at home in my parents garage, but I have to go pick it up. So this one is only like halfway. Ok, not really.
5. Bought a new comforter.
8. Finished my Sex in the City DVD collection.
12. Learn to golf – I did take a lesson…does that count?
14. I did clean out the boxes under my bed.
22. I built that jewelry board, but is that a piece of furniture? I kind of think it counts.

Looks like I have some things to work on…Let’s make things happen this year.

1. run a half marathon.

2. buy a bicycle or pick up the one at my parents in California.
either a road bike or just a beach cruiser. i just want a bike and i’m going to get one.

3. finish all of my applications and get into nursing school.
(basically done with the apps at least)

4. go to three cities I’ve never been.
(outside of utah)

5. I want to do a triathlon. (part of why I need a bike…not the cruiser.)

6. re-organize and clean out my itunes.

7. decorate my living room. (halfway there)

8. start my savings account…yeah I know. I’m 26 and I don’t have one.

9. read three “meaningful” books.
-1 biography
-1 true story
-1 historical book

10. start my journal again

11. learn to cook something new every month.

12. watch friday night lights (the tv show)…i’ve heard it’s fantastic.

13. go to boston.
last year I wanted to go to boston to visit my friend Jenn, but she moved so…

14. go to NYC to visit Jenn. I love NYC.

15. pay off my credit card.

16. swim with a dolphin.

17. go to costa rica.

18. go to three concerts of bands/people i have never seen before.

19. learn to country dance.

20. see a baseball game in a stadium other than angels stadium.
(or dodgers or padres)

21. do a mud run.

22. buy a dining room table.

23. go to a fashion show.

24. buy a pair of christian louboutin heels.

25. make a scrapbook.

26. make a piece of clothing i would actually wear in public. (a halloween costume doesn’t count)

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