The Best Blowout Ever

The Victoria Secret girls are known for having the best hair around. Flowing, soft curls, and volume…yes please! 

Here are some tips on how to get the type of blowout that you see at the Victoria Secret Fashion show. 

1. Condition first. Then Shampoo: Conditioner can weigh hair down, so if you want the bouncy hair you see supermodels with try shampooing second. It will leave texture in your hair and take out all the left over residue.

2. Coat damp hair with volumizer: Spray it directly onto your roots and then add some mouse to the rest of your hair. 

3. Rough-dry: Don’t worry about blow drying so that your hair is completely smooth. If you want the extra volume, you need the “fluff”. Blow drying upside down also boosts volume. Shake out with your fingers.

4. Brush the top: That’s really the only part that people see…when hair is mostly dry, use a round brush to pull hair up and out. Even if you think your hair is completely dry, it probably isn’t, so keep going for a little bit longer than you think you should. (Style as desired-see below for tips)

Tip: If hair is not 100% dry, it will start out bouncy and full, and then collapse. 

Soft Curls – Warp thick sections of hair around a large barrel curling iron. Twist away from your face. Do this randomly throughout hair. The more curls you make, the bouncier hair will be. Try not to use styling sprays. They tend to weigh hair down and ruin the look.

Sexy Bun – Pull hair into a pony. Then massage the roots near the crown (so it is less severe). Twist and pin the ponytail into a bun.

Bedroom Waves – Curl hair as described above, but at the end flip your head over, shake out, and brush through for a tousled look. 

If you want your hair to be thicker:

1. Take a vitamin that contains fish extracts or biotin. It will look healthier and help it grow.

2. Try getting a scalp treatment to stimulate the folicles. 

3. You can even try extensions. Clip-ins can be removed and put in whenever you want the look. Salons can add a more permanent look, but can run fairly steep in price. (I personally love them for volume!)

*excerpts from Allure Magazine

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