The Cabin

Last weekend I went up to the cabin to visit my family. My mom and brother had been up there all week, but I had to work 🙁 Saturday morning my uncle decided that we were going to go on a hike straight up the mountain (literally, there was no trail) to find “Jim Bridger’s Cabin”. Apparently Jim Bridger is a famous fur trapper or something.
Anyway, it was actually pretty fun, but my mom and Aunt Kathy were freaking out about how steep it was and there being no trail so they wanted to turn around about a third of the way or so in (I think the total was about 5 miles there and then 5 back). So I went back with them because I think they would have died or gotten lost getting back 🙂 Taylor and my Uncle John made it to the cabin, but I don’t have the pictures of that. I only got my mom’s and not my uncles. There is not much left of the cabin anyway.

Uncle John, Aunt Kathy, Mom, Me, Taylor
Below: same group, minus mom, plus Grandpa….I look like a midget.

Taylor and I

the beginning of the hike where there is no trail

Later that day with my Grandma and Grandpa by the horses.

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