The Lost Symbol

Over 600 pages…read it in less than a week and I was working ten to twelve hours a day.

I could not put it down.


I loved The Da Vinci Code and and Angels & Demons, so I figured I would love this books too. It has the same main character, Robert Langdon, but obviously another new story line. Historical background, based in Washington D.C., but a fictional story. The typical Dan Brown twists and turns…well I guess I shouldn’t say typical, because you can’t ever tell what is going to happen. It’s always a surprise. Definitely suspenseful! Even thought you think you will get tired of Robert’s character and you think you might be getting the same sort of story line after the other two books , it’s totally different. You also don’t have to read the other two books first to read this one, but it makes a little bit more sense of who the main character is.

I have also read his other two books, Deception Point and Digital Fortress (they have different characters though), and I throughly enjoyed them as well. I like his writing style a lot.

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