The Memory Keeper’s Daughter


Short Plot Synopsis…two¬†fraternal¬†twins are born one night…one is perfectly healthy, while the daughter is born with Down’s Syndrome. Being the 1960’s people were scared of imperfections, and the father sends the nurse away with the daughter to a home for her to be taken care of where she will most likely die at a young age. The nurse takes her, but seeing the state of the home cannot bring herself to leave her there, so she raises her on her own. The father tells the girls mother that she died, and the mother mourns her death. The story takes us through basically the next 25 years of these people’s lives and how the father deals with his guilt, how the mother mourns, and how the daughter is raised with the difficulties of her Syndrome.

I have mixed feelings about this book though…On one hand I thought it was really well written and the characters were developed well, but I just thought that the Dad was a jerk and they didn’t develop Phoebe’s (the daughter’s) character enough. I think they want to make the Dad look like a jerk after giving away his daughter, but the reason he did it was to protect his family, so why does he have to be a jerk throughout the entire book? I don’t know. I just didn’t like his character very much. Plus, the son (Phoebe’s twin) is just angry all the time because the Dad is a jerk.

Also I had a really hard time getting through this book and I read a lot. I left this book and read two others before I came back and finished this one. I wanted to know how it ended, I just need a break because the middle does get a little bit long and drawn out. The writer explains EVERYTHING in so much detail that the middle took a little while to get through. The first half of the book was good and then it dragged a little until the end. There is a little bit of a shock at the end, but then it’s over.

Overall I liked the story and it was emotional, so it was good and I would recommend it, but do know that it is a little bit slower than some of the other books that have been on my list lately. It got really good reviews by most people.

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