The Paris Wife


This is the story of Hadley Richardson, who married Ernest Hemingway, in 1921. Ernest, who is trying to break into the writing scene, is only 21, and marries the 29 year old Hadley, who is not very stylish or by many accounts not considered extremely attractive. The two decide to move to Paris so that he can pursue his career. Hadley struggles with fitting into the new world of artists and writers, and all of the “chic” fashion in Paris. The story continues to show their relationship develop, or should I saw fall apart as they have a child and Ernest becomes involved with other people.

It was a slightly depressing book in the end (I even cried at a part of two), but for some reason I found it really interesting and I really liked it. I lot of it was based on letters that the two actually wrote to each other and his book “A Moveable Feast”. I like his books a lot so it was interesting to read this and get some insight into his life. A lot of it is based on their real relationship, obviously with fiction mixed in as well, but I liked it a lot. So I recommend!

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