The Secrets of French-Girl Beauty

Model, Julia Restoin Roitfeld, is the daughter of the editor of French Vogue. She is also Lancome’s new face for beauty products.
I found this article in Glamour Magazine and thought I would post it because she seemed really chill and she was so cute.

She is a “skin purist”.
She doesn’t like to wear too much foundation, and never wears powder. She has more fun with her lips and her eyes.
She is a mani girl.
She says hands are the first thing you see after your face.
She is all natural.
She is not for plastic surgery, it would be like cheating on herself. Wrinkles can be beautiful.
She has a model secret.
Before a shoot she stays away from alcohol and salt, and does to bed early. “I’ve heard nothing good happens after midnight!”

-Her favorite thing about NYC is that everything is possible all the time because nothing ever shuts down.
-Her guilty pleasure: a big mac.
– The only bad thing about having her mom as Carine Roitfeld…they don’t wear the same shoe size and can’t share.

– She loves anything to do with the water or beach.
-She wants to scuba dive with sharks.
– Her beauty icon is Brigitte Bardot.

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