This Means War

Ohmigoodness…I could not stop laughing.

Maybe I was just in a weird mood, but I thought this movie was hilarious.

What do you get when you mix two federal agents (who happen to be best friends), a slightly OCD, but very successful and beautiful women, and her crazy best friend…? This awesome movie.

Chris Pine and Tom Hardy play two FBI agents who happen to meet the same girl and when they find out, they decide to see which one is the best for her. She just thinks she’s dating two great guys and turns to her best friend (Chelsey Handler) for advice on how to date two guys and which one to pick. It makes to be a sort of cheesy, but super funny movie. Don’t expect it to win an academy award (obviously), but I thought it was great for a romantic comedy (and I love Reese!)

Also, I’m pretty sure that Chelsey Handler is one of my favorite people ever. She totally made the movie. She is the best side kick in a movie ever. HILARIOUS. (but we already knew that about her).

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