Todd’s Wedding

So, my good friend Todd got married. Kind of weird because I haven’t been able to see Todd much that last year or two, but we used to be best friends. I’ve never really seen him date a girl seriously, but he seems sooo happy. It made me really happy to see him like that.
His wedding was so cute. I love weddings! I love to see how everybody decides to plan theirs differently and how everything turns out.
Anyway, it was really nice to go and see him. I’m sad his eyes are closed in this picture, but it was the only one I got!

Jake and I

Todd and Roxanne

Cara, me, Aislinn, Ariel, Jenn (who is getting married this Friday!)

After the wedding Jake and I went up to Salt Lake and went to Cafe Molise. It’s an Italian Restaurant downtown. I highly recommend in. So yummy!

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