Tula Skincare: Why Probiotics?

Tula Skincare and Probiotics

I have been using Tula since last summer and I feel like my skin just loves me so much more than the last 31 years of my life. It’s a very gentle, yet effective skincare and I honestly pick their moisturizing cream over anything else. I like that it can be used day or night, because it’s not too thick for the day, but it’s extremely hydrating to use overnight. Living in Utah, the weather makes my skin so dry, so this has been a lifesaver for me during the winter, and even during the summer when I’m doing activities in the water that dries out my skin.

Why do I love Tula so much? Well I’m going to tell you about how they use probiotics for your skin if you keep reading below AND give you a discount code to use so you can try it for yourself!

Tula Skincare and ProbioticsTula Skincare and Probiotics

Probiotics are a natural bacteria that helps to improve you inside and out. This kind of bacteria is naturally found in the body and is known to help lock in moisture and soothe inflammation, which is why Tula uses them as the base for their skincare products! When taken orally (in the pill form that they just released), probiotics helps to regulate, balance, and calm your stomach. I have had weird digestive issues for a long time and as soon as I started taking probiotics my stomach has felt less bloated and TMI, but I go to the bathroom so much more regularly.

Tula Skincare and ProbioticsTula Skincare and ProbioticsTula Skincare and Probiotics

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