Twelve Great Hair Care Tips

1. Transform Your Strands with Dry Shampoo – Whether you want to boost volume, revive a blowout, or add tousled texture, dry shampoo is your answer! Avoid spraying too much product in one spot by spritzing it at an arm’s length from hair. 

2. Repair Damaged Hair While you Sleep – Apply a pre-shampoo oil treatment to dry hair right before bed once a week, mainly to the ends of hair.  It revitalizes strands that are fried from heat or bleaching. Rinse in the morning, then shampoo and condition. After a month, you’ll start to see softer, healthier hair! (Try Phyto Phytonectar Pre-Shampoo Ultra Nourishing Oil Treatment)

3. Use Cold to Boost Shine – Rinse hair with cold water after you condition. Also, at the end of your blow-dry, hit the cold button  on your dryer and run through hair for 30 seconds. It will leave hair with a glossy finish.

4. Hide Split Ends Fast – A flatiron or curling iron will help to seal them temporarily. When the cuticles are flat, the hair reflects more light, so it creates the illusion of shinier, healthier strands. 

5. Wash Your Way to Bouncy Curls – Don’t rough up curls by piling them on top of your head when you shampoo. Instead, massage the shampoo from roots to the ends, keeping your hair in the same direction that you wear your part. when rinsing, cup the ends in your hands to prevent water pressure from breaking up curls. 

6. Create A Clarifying Rinse – Make your own clarifying rinse by adding a few ounces of apple cider vinegar to your regular shampoo. It helps to breakdown residue and leaves super shiny hair.

7. Prevent Frizz with Paper Towels – When you get out of the shower, scrunch out excess water, then repeat using a few sheets of absorbent paper towels. Cloth towels can rough up cuticles and cause frizz. 

8. Mix Products Like a Pro – Use these simple recipes for waves, volume, and more! (From celeb stylist Marcus Francis)

Hair Oil + Wave Spray = Glossy Beachy Waves (Apply hair oil to the bottom half of hair. Spritz from roots to ends with wave spray. Finish by drying with diffuser.)

Thickening Spray + Mousse = Sexy Volume (Start by applying a thickening spray to roots, then blow-drying hair until it’s slightly damp. Work mousse from roots to ends, then finish drying.)

Smoothing Balm + Pomade = Perfect Piecey-Ness (To give cropped cuts a flattering shape, first apply smoothing balm for definition. Then rough hair up a bit by using pomade on small sections and twisting them.)

9. Smooth Strands With Clear Mascara – Just swipe it across your hairline to keep flyaways in place and give your do a polished look. Clear mascara also helps thicken strands to give a little lift at your roots.

10. Make Bobby Pins Stay Put – Just crisscross two of them, one over the other. They’ll never slide around in your hair again!

11. Apply a Clear Gloss For Incredible Shine – It will leave you will ultra glossy, vibrant strands. It only takes 30 minutes to apply  and will last for up to eight shampoos. (Try Clear Gloss Clairol Professional Jazzing hair color in Clear $5.99 at Sally’s Beauty Stores or online)

12. Use the Pros’ Fave Hair Tools – These high quality tools will help you get just the style you want! 

– FHI Heat Flatiron

– T3 Blow-Dryer

– Ibiza Round Brush

– Hot Tools Curling Iron

Whitney Port has one of my favorite heads of hair in Hollywood!

*tips from People StyleWatch Magazine

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